ESG Enterprise Passes Milestone – Providing ESG Software & Solutions for Over 500 Subscribers Worldwide

October 13, 2021

ESG Enterprise Software SaaS Reporting Platform

ESG Enterprise

ESG Enterprise SaaS platform ramps up its reporting solutions and API data services to serve the needs of the hot ESG global market

ESG Enterprise solutions and analytics are allowing more companies to adhere to current and increasing regulatory requirements in an efficient manner”
— Peter Zmidzinski, SwissMetrics CEO
HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2021 / -- ESG Enterprise is excited to announce that their worldwide subscriber base for their SaaS (Software as a Service) tools has reached over 500. As of October, ESG Enterprise has provided over 500 companies the services that they need to be more socially responsible and sustainable as they work toward a more environmentally green way of operation.

ESG Enterprise is proud to serve an international community by providing ESG SaaS solutions worldwide. Of the more than 500 companies currently utilizing ESG Enterprise SaaS programs, 45 percent are located in Europe, 40 percent in the United States, and the remaining 15 percent being from various countries worldwide. They are excited to continue providing opportunities for more countries across the globe to focus on environmentally friendly reporting and operating.

ESG Enterprise has ramped up its reporting services in recent months as they have released four new reporting frameworks since Q3, 2021. These frameworks include SFDR reporting, NFRD/CSRD, IIRC, Hong Kong Stock Exchange Guidance, and EU Supplier Due Diligence Reporting. Streamlining these complex reporting processes required by new EU regulations has provided companies with invaluable peace of mind and support. With NFRD requiring large companies to compile and report on all climate-related data, SFRD requiring companies to provide reports so that investors know where their money is going, and CSRD requiring reports on how companies are approaching social and climate challenges, ESG Enterprise has taken up the task of making that as easy as possible.

ESG Enterprise brings these first-of-their-kind reporting SaaS tools at an optimum time as social and climate responsibility is becoming a pressing concern on a local and global scale. ESG Data Services traffic has doubled since the introduction of its new API capabilities. Companies are drawn in by the all-in-one ESG platform that manages all their ESG needs. With everything in one place, ESG Enterprise offers a cost-effective, integrated, automated, and efficient process that saves companies money, time, and the stress related to following local directives on social and climate reporting. Subscribers particularly like services such as Automated ESG Reporting, Carbon Accounting, Data Collection, API services, and TCFD Scenario Analysis tools.

"We are creating a new future in which climate change becomes an integral part of everyday business," said Jen Wang, ESG Enterprise Marketing Director. "The unique benefit of this solution is that it stress-tests net-zero plan and provides clarity on financial risks and opportunities.” In addition, Peter Zmidzinski, SwissMetrics CEO, said “Congratulations to ESG Enterprise for such a wonderful achievement. Their tools and analytics are allowing more companies to adhere to current and increasing regulatory requirements in an efficient manner. With foresight, ESG Enterprises’ ESG platform utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology to quantify and benchmark 3rd parties such as supply chains which adds another layer and richness in contributing to an organization’s ESG and dedicated climate change strategy.”

ESG Enterprise is an Environmental, Social, and Governance software, SaaS, and data analytics company with a mission to help businesses, NGOs, and governments reduce ESG risks, manage disruptions, and capture opportunities to transition to a sustainable growth low-carbon economy. ESG Enterprise is an award-winning SaaS application and one of the fastest-growing ESG software, tools, and data analytics company with over 40000 public, private, municipality, and non-profit organizations assessments and reporting across 100 countries.

SwissMetrics is a one platform SaaS solution that provides the data and tools to allow SMEs to multi-national organizations manage their counterparty risk. Alongside collaborative tools to enhance information flow among internal teams, the ability to seamlessly and transparently onboard, sanctions screen, credit assess and ESG score counterparties – B2B customers and supply chain - is fundamental in obtaining a holistic analysis for risk adjusted decisions and grasping opportunities.


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